My Kind of Matchy Matchy


What do you do when the Direct TV guy is at your house for 4 hours? 
Host a photo shoot on Veda Jane's big girl bed of course!
The sweet staff at the Tea Collection sent these outfits for the girls months before Ruby was born.
Staring at that onsie made my heart flutter with anticipation, 
so I was giddy to find she was big enough to wear it this week. 
Here are a few shots from the 3 minutes I was able to get V to cooperate.
She had to get back into the den to resume her morning of monitoring the cable guy. 

Who is still here.


Amanda said...

When did they both get so big???? Ah! I feel like Ruby was just born yesterday! And Veda too for that matter! Beautiful babies friend. :)

Kami said...

Hello beautiful friend! Your girls are just adorable - congratulations on your new princess, mama! You have been on my heart and I'm happy to see that life is good for you! Hugs, friend!

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