A "Hello" and a "Hey animal lovers!"



Hey friends! 
I miss this space, but I'm enjoying my real world view too.

I just wanted to pop in and share something with my animal lover friends!
I've always admired my brother's entrepreneurial spirit and the seamless way he makes his vision come to life. Here's a look at his latest venture- regenerative medicine for animals. This video shows how he is making this new technology available to the everyday pet owner and how this it can save your animal's life without major surgery or expenses. Take a second to check it out and share it if you don't mind! 

Bundle of Fun Valentine Printable



Popping in to share a last minute Valentine idea...
because there's still a little part of me that years to share this life and a little bit of my brain
on a blog. 
If you're looking for a quick, easy, and free (if you have a small craft supply!)
gift for your little one or their friends,
try this one on for size. 
I put them together for Veda Jane's Wednesday morning class of three friends
with unused goodies I had lying around!

I tied up a bundle of cut pipe cleaners, crayons, and a roll of stickers.
I printed a card off,
let Veda Jane decorate it and sign her name, and called it a day.
You could tie up anything!
And the best part is-
your toddler will totally appreciate the effort you put forth to
cleverly tie the meaning of a tag in with the gift itself. :)

Here's the tag for you to print if you'd like it!

Princess Party!



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