I always come back to this space wanted to reintroduce myself alongside an expression of sorrow of our separation. I have so missed you, friend I call "writing", or "journaling", or "connecting". I miss pulling the words out of me that define my thoughts and are shaping my everyday. I'm one of those personalities that needs the definition. I need to capture the picture to believe it happened. I need to re-write the experience to plant the memory. All my desires to document have been channeled onto my instagram feed, but I can't quiet the nagging ache to just write. Not to anybody in particular. Just to exercise the gift maybe. Stretch my legs before the muscles atrophy and forget how to move. I started to lose it a bit with photo after photo of baby life. Oh, but baby life is so so sweet. This has been the most spectacular season. I feel like there is still a story to tell though, thoughts to process along with the film of long days and stolen moments. And maybe the million house project photos I waited years to finally do and share, ha! Instead of waiting until I have time to do so, I am gonna go for it. Even if brain only allows a few sentences before the greater calling calls and beckons me to the laundry room. Even now as I am anxious to write, there's a little one hammering her paci against the door in utter rebellion against nap time. Off I go, hopefully to return again to soon, to this always welcoming space I have retreated to for so many years.

Roaring Rowes | Kissing Our Twenties Goodbye | Great Gatsby Party



If there was ever a reason to reemerge out of the depths of silent blog static, 
this is it. 
Since Eddie and I turned 30 within a month of each other, we decided we ought to leave our 20's with a bang. We hopped on the bandwagon and put together a little roaring 20's party of our own,
and decided that we'd introduce our love of bunko while we were at it. 
We had to keep the group small in order to be able to play the game,
but these incredible friends showed up in a BIG way,
making the night more fun than I could have ever envisioned. 
Passwords at the door, gin & tonics and fake cigs in hand, 
a game of dice, and a dance party to boot.
Lady Laura and Eddie money couldn't have asked for more.

The invitations:

Then we texted out this reminder the morning of:

We kind of had to make sure  this background stared
at us off the TV screen for the night. 
We were 20 years old in the picture:
 what a difference a decade makes ;)
I sure am glad I get to grow old with this guy.

A "Hello" and a "Hey animal lovers!"



Hey friends! 
I miss this space, but I'm enjoying my real world view too.

I just wanted to pop in and share something with my animal lover friends!
I've always admired my brother's entrepreneurial spirit and the seamless way he makes his vision come to life. Here's a look at his latest venture- regenerative medicine for animals. This video shows how he is making this new technology available to the everyday pet owner and how this it can save your animal's life without major surgery or expenses. Take a second to check it out and share it if you don't mind! 

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